'Felt Hammers' released on Extreme Music

Having worked with LA-based library Extreme Music for a number of years, James recently released his debut industry album, ‘Felt Hammers’. Following the release of Woodchester Piano, James wrote and produced 14 tracks with co-writers James Joshua Otto and Rhian Sheehan, heavily featuring felted upright piano.

The album was recorded by both at James’s Bristol studio and at Real World Studios by Oli Jacobs, just outside of Bath, UK. Cello was performed by Juliet McCarthy with violin by Nathanael Shin, Rhodes, synth, piano and vocal overdubs by James Everingham and James Joshua Otto, guitars by Scott Hazell, and bass guitar by Si Short. The title track ‘Felt Hammers’ was written and produced in collaboration with New Zealand music composer and producer Rhian Sheehan. Jesse McNamara provided project management with Jack Lewis overseeing. Mother Goose Film produced the film below for Extreme Music.

Listen to the album here: https://www.extrememusic.com/albums/3255

Recording at Real World Studios for upcoming project

James recently recorded at Real World Studios just outside of Bath, UK, for an upcoming project. Juliet McCarthy performed solo cello, Nathanael Shin performed violin, and James and assistant and co-writer James Joshua Otto performed synth and Rhodes overdubs. Oli Jacobs was the recording engineer.

Woodchester Piano sample library released

Woodchester Piano is a collaboration between sample library company Fracture Sounds and James Everingham. This library features James’ Wilh. Steinberg German Series upright piano, intimately recorded with the felt pedal engaged. The team spent several days carefully sampling every nuance of the instrument before spending months mixing, polishing and fine-tuning the instrument. Woodchester Piano runs in the full version of Kontakt 5.3 or above. Produced by James Everingham and Will Bedford. Sample editing by Simon Dalzell.

Find out more here: https://fracturesounds.com/product/woodchester-piano

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Amazon's 'Grand Prix Driver'

James has recently completed the score for Amazon Studios’ ‘Grand Prix Driver’ series, coming to Amazon Prime on February 9th. The docuseries, narrated by Oscar winner Michael Douglas, follows the McLaren Formula 1 racing team during a 2017 season.

Alongside Brazilian composer Antonio Pinto, James contributed both original music and back catalogue tracks to the show, working closely with music supervisor Sam Rumney to create a cohesive sound for the score. James utilised sterile sounding synths to reflect the cutting edge, clean atmosphere of the labs and headquarters, but also recorded felted upright piano and vocals for the more personal moments focussing on the drivers to contrast the focus on the cars and machinery.

Dub at Juniper Post

James recently oversaw the final mix of his latest film, which is slated to be released at the end of this year, at the famed Juniper Post in Burbank, California. Over the course of a week, James worked closely with sound supervisor Nathan Ashton and Emmy winning re-recording mixer Ben Zarai to bring all the audio elements of the film together in harmony.


Upcoming score recorded at Abbey Road Studios

James recently recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London. The film, which is slated to be released winter this year, asked for a variety of musical colours, from big epic moments to much quieter intimate moments. To achieve this, James employed string ensembles of various different sizes, from 40 players right down to 10, consisting of some of the best session players in the world. The bulk of the score was recorded in studio 2, with percussion, cello and violin overdubs recorded in studio 3.

The score was written by James Everingham, with management by Jesse McNamara, orchestration by Tristan Noon, and copying by Simon Whiteside. It was recorded by Andrew Dudman, and performed by First Take Musicians of the Esprit Ensemble, conducted by Stacey Watton. The score was produced and mixed by Rich Aitken, with Eric Jellison as executive score producer.

Recording in Budapest for Atelier Inspiration/Ghostwriter Music

James recently contributed to the debut album of a new project between Atelier Inspiration Music and Ghostwriter Music. With 3 tracks featured alongside music from Cedric Baravaglio, Daniel Beijbom, Jean-Gabriel Raynaud and Blake Robinson, James travelled to Budapest to oversee the recording of the project at the famous Studio 22 with a 60 piece string and brass orchestra. The project was ran by Audio Imperia founder Jan Hoeglund, orchestrations were done by Tristan Noon and the album was mixed and mastered by Toby Mason.

Read more about the album in this interview with Trailer Music News.